Thursday, May 23, 2013

All I Need

I am completely obsessed with motorcycles... Like its a problem. My favorite bikes by far are the super sport's, otherwise known as bullet bikes. They are the fastest of the fast, a true testament of handling and speed. An engineering masterpiece devoted to getting you from point A to point B as fast as humanly possible. Everything about these machines attract me. The mean aggressive look, the sleek sexy design, the low rumble of the exhaust that is begging to be revved up to unleash its true scream. The feeling of being on one of these beautiful pieces of art is unexplainable. When you mount it you feel like your ready to go 200mph. The riding position is as close to horizontal as possible for better aerodynamics. Your chest is pressed up against the gas tank and you want to tuck your head beneath the windscreen to watch the speedometer have a heart attack as you launch into another world. Everything disappears and you feel like its just you, the bike, and the open road. It is so smooth and you feel connected to the asphalt. You can feel all the bumps and turns that just make it an even crazier driving experience. This is all I think about every day. I hope everyone has the opportunity to ride one of these at least once in their lifetime, just to know this feeling.


12 year old test drive

I remember when I was about 12 years old I was hanging out with my cousin. We were home alone and trying to find something to occupy our time with. Everything seemed very boring and just not worth our time since we had done it all more than once. We tried to think of something new that would really make us scream with excitement and adrenaline. The four wheelers and motorcycles were old news....been there done that, but we still wanted to do something with an engine. I opened the garage door and there she was, my aunts old jeep. I sat in the driver seat and told my cousin to hop in. I felt the torn leather on the steering wheel while I grabbed the gearshift and pretended to launch through the gears. Luckily I had my co-driver to make the engine noises for me. Yet this soon got old, which would eventually be our downfall. The jeep was a manual or stick shift but I was lucky enough to learn how to drive stick when I was 8 and it was my favorite thing ever. My cousin then told me we had to go pick up his brother that lived only a 2 houses down. Then he got a great idea... lets take the jeep! It will be so much faster then walking and we will finally have something that can entertain us. I hesitated and said what happens if we get caught? He quickly responded and assured me that his mom wouldn't be home for an hour and she would never know. I still didn't feel like it was a good idea. Then he said this, which instantly changed my mind, "Dude I asked her and she said it was fine if you drive it. She trusts you!" ........ GAME ON!! I had him run inside and grab the keys. I fired it up and drove down to the neighbors perfectly without one hick up. My cousin ran to the door and got his brother. He helped him into the jeep and then got in as well. I pulled in the clutch and grabbed the keys. As I slid them in the ignition something felt wrong but I ignored it. I turned the key and heard it click...once.....twice.... and on the third click it would start. As I put pressure on the key to fire it up I heard another car. As I looked behind me I saw my aunt come around the corner. The way her face changed was unforgettable. Her jaw dropped, dumbfounded by the stunt we had just pulled. Seeing her 3 year old son strapped in the back of her jeep while her 12 year old other son was in the passenger seat with her nephew driving. She got more mad than I have ever seen her, screaming and swearing wondering what the hell we were doing. We tried our best to calm her down and use big words so we could sound like we knew what we were doing and there was nothing to worry about. Needless to say it didn't work and my dad was on the phone immediately. I was screwed and the second I heard his voice I burst into tears pleading with him to not be mad and to not ground me. Surprisingly he wasn't as mad as I thought he was going to be but I still received a very lengthy grounding and stern talking to. This may look like a complete disaster but that is something you don't forget and now we all look back on it and laugh. This is one of my favorite memories during my childhood.


This is something that is 100% customized to you and your liking. If you aren't happy with them than it is gonna be a rough day of sore ears and disappointment. Everyone has different ears that vary in size and sound tolerance. Also some people have a preference on the type of headphone ex.) in-ear, over the head, or wrapped around the ear. Then depending on the size of your ear canal you have to change the rubber insert in the headphone, which is the piece that actually goes in your ear. Without proper sizing the earpiece may not be able to fit or it could not make complete suction and outside noises may be able to get in. Some people like having a normal headphone that just plays sound but also makes it easy to hear people and things going on around you. Others like noise cancelling or white noise headphones that make other noises obsolete. This is an important decision so make sure to take your time and see what you like.

How to change oil

First make sure the car is off and open the hood. The take off the oil cap and make sure there isnt a lot of corrosion or oil build up. Then go underneath the car and find the oil plug which is located on the oil pan directly before it connects to the transmission. Then get a way to catch the oil that will come out. Slowly screw the oil plug off until it gets to the very end of the threads. Pull it out quick so oil doesnt get all over you and let it all drain out. Then put the plug back in and tighten it down till its snug. Then locate the oil filter and screw it off, making sure you also have something to catch the oil because there will still be some inside the filter. Set the old filter aside and take some oil and rub it around the O-ring of the new filter. Screw it back on snuggly like the oil plug. The add new oil to the engine and put the oil cap back on. Start the car and wait for the oil light to turn off. Check for any leaks underneath the car. Then shut it off and check the oil dipstick. If the oil level is good then make sure the plug and filter are tight and the the oil cap is put back on. If you have done all this your car will be happy for another 3,000 miles:) Keep your car happy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Dream Bike


My Medication

Most important thing to have during school...period.

I cannot live without my music. Not only that but I cant focus on anything without it. I dont care what kind of music it is, I am open to anything, as long as I have a beat to live life to. Ya that sounds good, living life to a beat. Without it life is a bunch of random annoying sounds that makes me think of someone gargling in my ear constantly. When I have something to listen and work to I get so much more done. It makes doing things fun because its like a personal concert and your at the front of it all pushing against the rail right beneath the artist. So close that you can feel the sweat hitting you while your screaming and reaching out to touch them to touch just a piece of fame, if only for a few seconds. I can do homework and block everything out except for what I need to accomplish. I also will write and even think to the beat of the music. It doesnt feel like your doing homework, it feels like your writing something down that has already been processed in your mind and you are waiting to put it on paper.
Music is my life...

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Well lets just say this is the biggest goal for me right now. When I say goal I mean I'm still trying to

make this come true haha. Actually I shouldn't be laughing about it... I should be praying about it

because it will be nothing short of a miracle if I graduate. My mom and dad hassle me every day to

 stay on top of everything, which is easier said then done. When its this close to the end of school and

 the sun is out, the last thing I want to do is school crap. But I need to if I wanna get anywhere in life.

 So hopefully I will be able to finish it all and move on with my life!!!